Custom Body Casting Sessions

We offer custom molding sessions to create an exact replica of our client's breast(s)/chest using skin safe material that elicits hyper-realistic details, including stretch marks, bumps, scars, moles etc.

With the custom mold, we can create a wide variety of artwork with material like wax, concrete, resin, plaster, metal (aluminum, bronze), food-safe baking sheets and so much more.

Great to commemorate your breast(s)/chest before or after changes like surgery or breastfeeding, or to gift for special occasions like a wedding, birthday, anniversary or to simply celebrate your beautiful body! 

Fill out the form below to get started on the next phase of you self-love journey! 



Self Love Journey

"I was curious what it would be like to have someone focus on my breasts for two hours, especially since the molding would take place in a casual environment (in my case in a private cabin on a small tourist boat in Vietnam). However, Bailey’s professionalism and relaxed demeanor made the experience feel very comfortable and shockingly normal. What I most appreciated about Bailey’s approach was that she talked me through the different steps as we went along and also kept me entertained while we waited for the different materials to dry in between steps. I highly recommend getting a custom candletit because after all that, they also look amazing!" ~T

Celebration Before Surgery

"This amazing company helped me memorialize my gals in the best way possible. Bailey, the company’s founder, was able to fit me in before my time sensitive double mastectomy surgery and she could not have been better to work with and made sure everything was perfect. I cannot say enough good things about CandleTit and their mission, which is “to celebrate breast diversity across the gender spectrum & support those undergoing breast surgery with custom CandleTits.” Thank you, Bailey and CandleTit LLC for adding a little fun and celebration to an otherwise difficult situation." ~ M
Concentric circles in vibrant colors

How much is a Custom Molding Session?

Prices start at $379. Discounts may be available for individuals undergoing breast/chest surgery or for group molding sessions. 

What Can I Use my Custom Mold for Besides Candles?

A few examples — soap, resin filled with flowers or other materials, concrete book ends, metal wall art, and food molds (with a separate food-safe mold). We will also work with you to make all your custom breast/chest dreams come true! 

Check out examples of custom boob artwork.

What if I'm not in Chicago, but I Really Want a Custom Session!

Please submit a custom molding session intake form above. If enough people from the same area want custom candles, I may be able to coordinate sessions.

What if a Custom Session is Time Sensitive?

If you are undergoing breast/chest surgery, we will do our best to prioritize your session. Please let me know if your session is medically time sensitive in your inquiry and please include the latest possible dates for you to have a custom session.

**If your custom session is not medically time sensitive, we may ask to swap your session to accommodate such requests**