About CandleTit LLC

How I Started CandleTit LLC

I started making CandleTits in 2019 as a passion project to experiment with body casting and create some fun, unique candles. It quickly evolved into something much more impactful and important. Since then, I've discovered countless opportunities to support people across the gender spectrum in celebrating the beauty of our diverse bodies in various states.

By transforming a common household object into a work of art that uncovers something so taboo, CandleTits provide curious souls the opportunity to explore breast/chest diversity through an everyday object, respectfully and without judgement.

Additionally, I offer custom molding sessions for anyone, but I focus on connecting with individuals before major changes like breast/chest surgery (mastectomy, reduction, top surgery), pregnancy and body-feeding. I use a high quality silicone for these sessions, which provides us the opportunity to create a wide variety of artwork with their molds for years to come, including artwork made from wax, concrete, resin, metal and even food molds for chocolate and jello — imagine serving that at your next big gathering!


How I Support My Communities

At every step in my journey of growing this business, I have been careful and intentional about the impact my business makes both among my local community and environment. I source my beeswax from a local beekeeper and my recycled paraffin wax from a local family-owned candle company. 

I also have partnerships with organizations in the breast cancer, plastic surgeon, breastfeeding, LGBTQIA+, art, small business, adult performance, body rights and body & sex positive communities — with whom I work to develop educational materials, donate my products & services to help fundraise or raffle as a way to give back.

Additionally, I've built a close network with other local women in business, including my designer, lawyer, accountant, seamstress, jewelers and ceramicists. As a small business owner, I see it as an opportunity and responsibility to set an example for creating a business model that establishes strong ethical roots close to home.



How You Can Support My Business

Small businesses, like CandleTit, need your support now more than ever. For every dollar you spend at a small business, 67¢ stays in your community (compared to 14¢ when purchasing from big corps & online). While there are many ways you can support beyond monetary purchases, buying products and services is by far the best way to keep this quirky little artist in business.

CandleTits are also great gifts for every occasion — birthdays, anniversaries, breakups, romantic CandleTit dinners, house warming gifts, sending love on a bad day or a good day, bubblebaths, starting a jobs, losing a job, recovering from surgery, opening a business, remodeling your home, celebrating body diversity, self love, self care or even just because bodies are beautiful and these candles are fun and you love what I do and want to support my work!

 You can currently find CandleTits in the following 10 locations across the US: 

  • Raw Edge (Lincoln Square, Wicker Park & Michigan Ave in Chicago, IL)
  • Bon Femmes (Ravenswood in Chicago, IL)
  • Wolfbait & B Girls (Logan Square in Chicago, IL
  • The Standard Goods (Naperville, IL & Capitol Hill + Ballard in Seattle, WA)
  • Fiddlesticks (Madison, WI)
  • North Suburban (Minneapolis, MN)
  • Altær (Nashville, TN)

If you're interested in wholesale, please email me, or find my wholesaler profile on Faire, Abound or Bulletin.