Breastfeeding Social Media Accounts

Below is a growing list of brilliant accounts on social media that showcase a wide array of breastfeeding + bodyfeeding support & representation from creators across the globe! If you know of an account that is missing, please comment, dm or email us at Thanks! 

Breastfeeding Support

  • @blactavist
    • Unapologetically decolonizing breastfeeding/bodyfeeding in the Black community
  • @milkmakingmama
    • IBCLC motivating and celebrating you along your milk making journeys
  • @whatthe.boob
    • Lactation education & support group
  • @thebreastmilkqueen
    • Helping you to breastfeed longer; products for lactation & pregnancy
  • @exclusive_pumping
    • Tips & support for exclusive pumpers
  • @theleakyboob
    • Resource community for your baby feeding journey 

Breastfeeding Support + Products/Apparel

  • @choix_shop
    • Breastfeeding friendly apparel
  • @thelittlemilkbar_
    • Empowering breastfeeding mothers + apparel
  • @milkmamallc
    • Breastfeeding support, lactation supplements
  • @legendairymilk
    • Breastfeeding support + organic herbal lactation products
  • @pump_momma_pump
    • Education, motivation & support for pumping mommas like you + product discounts
  • @tittycitydesign ~ Titty City Design
    • Apparel, mugs, cups, cards, pots, hair ties, art

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