About CandleTit


Bailey started CandleTit in 2019 as a passion project to experiment with body casting and create some fun, unique candles. It quickly evolved into something much more impactful and important. 

Since then, we've discovered countless opportunities to support people across the gender spectrum in celebrating the beauty of our diverse bodies in various states.

By transforming a common household object into a work of art that uncovers a commonly taboo body part, CandleTits provide curious souls the opportunity to explore breast diversity through an everyday object, respectfully and without judgement.

The CandleTits available for purchase come from a variety of real bodies, whose owners were willing to donate their custom molds. With every mold added to the collection, we are better able to showcase and celebrate breast diversity across the gender spectrum.

Additionally, we offer custom CandleTit sessions for anyone living in or traveling to Chicago (since that's where I'm based). If you would like to do a custom session, please email me at candletit[at]gmail.com and we'll set up a phone consultation to discuss the session and pricing options. You can also gift a session to someone!



The Support You Can Provide 

Small businesses, like CandleTit, need your support more now than ever. For every dollar you spend at a small business, 67¢ stays in your community (compared to 14¢ when purchasing from big corps & online).

Keep in mind that your support doesn't have to be monetary. Share your love for CandleTit (and other small businesses) with anyone and everyone on social media, over dinner and even on your socially distant Zoom conferences! However, buying CandleTits is by far the best way to keep this quirky little artist in business.

CandleTits are great for every occasion — birthdays, anniversaries, breakups, romantic dinners, house warming gifts, sending love on a bad day or a good day, bubblebaths, starting a job, losing a job, retirement, recovering from surgery, opening a business, remodeling your home, celebrating breast diversity, self love, self care or even just because breasts are beautiful and these candles are fun and you love what I do and want to support my work. 


While I've spent a lot of time, money and energy on this project I care so much about, it really couldn't have gotten started without the help of each and everyone of you offering your skills, advice and support. I truly can't thank you all enough!

All my breast,



*Oh, also, if you love the shirt in this pic, check out the collab that made it happen ~ @joce_cova + @curatedbygirls + @everpresshq

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