Providing For My Babies

"Ever since puberty began, I have had negative feelings towards my breasts. Hate is a strong word, but I came pretty close to that term. I remember the dark stretch marks from my breasts growing very quickly, which have now turned into light silver marks. I was always self conscious about being “lopsided” since one breast was noticeably (to me) bigger than the other. I would actually stuff the other side of my bra to make me feel better. I still struggle with negative feelings towards my breasts. But, having given birth to two children thus far, I was/am able to feed and nourish my babies by breastfeeding. Which some women can’t do. I am very thankful my body and breasts were able to do so. I am learning to accept my breasts for what they are and what they’ve accomplished with providing for my babies." ~ A


#Breastories is a series that started by asking my lovely models about their relationship with their breasts, and I asked them to take a creative picture with their new custom CandleTit. Now, I am extending the storytelling to anyone interested in sharing their relationship with their breasts. If you have a breastory you'd like to share, please submit it here

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