My Breasts Are My Own and They’re Lovely

"TW sexual harassment: I got breasts when I was ten years old. And a handful of boys in my class decided that was a reason to applaud when I walked by. I ignored it until a friend told me why they were clapping: because I had breasts. I told my mom, she called my teacher and then the principal. I was so humiliated. I had to learn what sexual harassment looked like at the age of 10. I was objectified by boys my own age for having breasts. My relationship with my breasts started out pretty negative and complicated. But at age 23 I’ve learned a lot about myself, my worth, and my body. My body is not for men to look at. My breasts are my own and they’re lovely." 💕 ~ A


#Breastories is a series that started by asking my lovely models about their relationship with their breasts, and I asked them to take a creative picture with their new custom CandleTit. Now, I am extending the storytelling to anyone interested in sharing their relationship with their breasts. If you have a breastory you'd like to share, please submit it here

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