Love is Ever Changing

“I am a short and petite female, and as an adolescent I really struggled with being smaller than all of the rest of the girls. In addition, I was a competitive gymnast which pushed my immature development even farther back.I didn’t have my period until high school and did not have much breast growth until my senior year. My breasts were one of my most memorable insecurities. I remember nights crying to mom while comparing myself to all of the girls who looked far more “mature” and getting so angry when she said “Don’t worry sweetie, your time will come”, I never thought it would. But, as mothers tend to be at times, she was right. I ended my time with gymnastics and my womanhood came in full force. I now have rather large breasts for my size and at times I find myself wishing they were smaller. Breast love for me is ever changing, but what I have since realized is that I am grateful of all of my breast stages as they are apart of my journey and in a way helped me to develop who I am.” ~G


#Breastories is a series that started by asking my lovely models about their relationship with their breasts, and I asked them to take a creative picture with their new custom CandleTit. Now, I am extending the storytelling to anyone interested in sharing their relationship with their breasts. If you have a breastory you'd like to share, please submit it here

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